Presenter Roadmap: Finding What You Seek Roadmap: Finding What You Seek, a presentation for a breakout session at the 2012 annual conference of the National Association of School Nurses

NASN2012 Leadership Academy

NASN2012 Leadership Academy, a presentation that was a portion of a full-day program for school nurse association leaders

These are the two most recent presentations I’ve written and presented.  An important phase in technology management is maximizing return on investment from the technologies you adopt.  This means establishing a comprehensive training plan for users and performance metrics to measure how the technology is received and utilized.

The Roadmap presentation was presented to the National Association of School Nurses’ primary targeted audience.  Slides were used in conjunction with a connection to the Internet for a live tour of the four main association websites.

The Leadership Academy presentation was presented to school nurse association chapter leaders serving in the role of president, membership chair, communication chair and other board-level positions.  The format of the session allowed for interaction with the audience and deviation from prepared content.